Risk Management

Any investment whether business venture or project should identify those things that may prevent you from achieving your goals (threats) and any levers for success (opportunities).

Furthermore, projects should take into consideration those things that may jeopardise completion dates and cost estimates.  Value Performance apply

Value Performance will introduce into your organisation a formal process of identification, evaluation and mitigation of risks employing industry established Risk Management tools.

The process includes:

  • Identification of goals
  • Recording and evaluating of risk using the risk register
  • Practical mitigation of risk
  • Cost and Schedule Monte Carlo Analysis
  • Regular risk register maintenance
  • Lessons Learned

The risk register is usually populated during one or several workshop type sessions which VP will facilitate.

Value Performance will plan and facilitate the whole process and provide you with the necessary tools.  If a risk management process is new to an organisation or of it is felt that employees need to be brought up to speed, training will be provided by VP.