VP Risk Management – Delivering Success

Good Risk Management Processes Deliver Success.  Few professionals would argue against managing risks.  Risk Management is probably the most powerful tool for ensuring project and indeed organisational success.

Many organisations however struggle to operate effective, robust Risk Management.  Many projects are embarked upon without real understanding of the level of risk involved, what should be done to mitigate risk and what a realistic outcome may be.

Value Performance offer a complete Risk Management solution that ensures all team members remain focused on their goals and objectives and, using tried and tested Risk Management tools such as Risk Registers and Risk Matrices,  deal with potential risks before they become serious issues.  Decision making tools ensure that time is not lost deliberating difficult decisions.  Actions are prioritised so that time, energy and funds are spent only in areas that give greatest value.

We will train management and team members in the correct use of these tools and carry out ongoing coaching and monitoring.

Risk Management ProcessValue Performance will install a Risk Management Procedure within your organisation and monitor performance.

We will also analyse your project schedules and cost estimates and provide realistic estimates for project milestones and outcome costs using the industry standard technique of Monte Carlo Analysis.  All principles used by Value Performance are based on sound established practices such as those detailed in The Association for Project Management Book Of Knowledge Project Risk Analysis and Management Guide

Specialist bespoke tools can be developed where clients have particular needs.  For example the Shutdown Activity Ranking Tool has been created to decide what activities should and should not be included in a time constrained shutdown based on various risk criteria.